The top 15 Ghanaian menswear influencers you should know

What do these group of Ghanaian men have in common?? A taste for style and sartorial elegance.

While it would have been very difficult getting a list of 10 or more men who were not only dressing up but also religiously chronicling it like scribes a few years back, the situation has completely changed in recent times which makes one’s heart beat with excitement and hope for the menswear department in Ghana’s fashion industry.

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British actress Michaela Coel and Ghanaian model Nana Kwasi Wiafe stun in an enchanting sensual editorial

When two captivating souls meet they subdue each other as seen in the stunning sensual photo shoot which features Top model and stylist Nana Kwasi Wiafe and Michaela Coel, British award winning actress, screenwriter and creator of Netflix series ‘Chewing Gum’ as they display a powerful sense of emotion and passion in these photos, with great style, class and edginess.

Nana Kwasi Wiafe On the Fashion Culture & More

Styling has always been a part of me. Growing up I was always the one to make clothing suggestions for my dad, mom and siblings. As I grew I began to take note on how my opinions were respected and sought after which was often told to me that I had "a great eye" for putting looks together.

Kwasi talks to AFE about his on-going journey as a stylist and a creative in Ghana.

I believe style is telling ones story through clothing ,it’s an art we live every day. It has to do with everything from, clothes, hair ,make-up, shoes, bags etc. All these are put together to form a great painting/visual of ones’ style .

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Top 12 Ghanaian Models To Watch in 2018

Nana Kwasi, has been amazingly novel with his work so far, with key collaboration with the “non-conformists” and renaissance Photographers like Joshua Kissi, Prince gyesi among others, one thing is for sure, as long as “attractive huge eyes” holds appeals, his capturing hot charcoal self will still be popular.